Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas Train Christmas in Toytown Train

In time with the holiday time of year, the GeoTrax Christmas in ToyTown RC Train is a fantastic toy set for your little boys. A train set is definitely a great Christmas gift for boys because of their love for motors and cars. Little children will love this classic holiday train set today with lights! Board Santa in the front of the engine or the rear of the caboose! Little boys can control the train two ways : push it along or control the action by using an easy-to-use RC control!

Boost the holiday spirit with Christmas ToyTown Train

Now, this Christmas Toytown Train will boost the holiday spirit with its holiday music plus the Santa minifigure which is incorporated with the set. Make the train proceed chugging down the tracks this holiday season and purchase this train set for your children.

Control the train with remote controller
You can find not one but two ways of controlling the train: by way of pushing it and also using the RC control. This remote control is likely to make the item less complicated on your children in making your prepare go under the paths and also activate the sound effects and lights. You can find forward/reverse controls that your childrencan use as the train makes it way along the train tracks and activates the lights in the mini sites as it passes by.

Easy Rail Station has lost of features

The Easy Rail Station has lots of lighted features that includes station windows, clock faces and street lights. There are also lights on each car of the train and you are able to place Santa on the front of the engine or at the back, on the caboose.

16 Snap Lock Train Tracks and more

This set contains the of 16 Snap Lock train tracks that are durable in addition to long-lasting. In addition to that, there are also signs you could place anywhere along the railroad track. There are usually holiday decorations that can snap on the tracks to be able to liven up the holiday atmosphere. There is a bridge, streetlamps as well as the station.

The tracks even function under your bridge to help you to have much fun seeing the train move. There is a skating rink together with working spotlights. You will see holiday music throughout to bring the style of Xmas into your home. This train set is actually indeed over time with the particular Christmas season along with the pieces which might be included makes you actually feel the spirit of Christmas.

Be kind this Christmas and give your little engineer that train set that when called he'll truly enjoy. It is a time for giving and receiving a gift such as this will surely paint a huge smile on a little boy’s face.

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