Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat

If you practice yoga, you understand the importance of a quality yoga mat bag that meets your needs and expectations. Your current yoga mat is a sacred area where you dedicate your training of Yoga exercise..

It is vital that you feel comfortable with your mat for a variety of factors: price, durability, eco-friendliness, grip, and cushion.. Given the wide variety of yoga mats available on the market, selecting a yoga mat bag isn't an easy task.

Is The Cheap Yoga Mats Is Good for You?

Always keep four different categories in mind, when going for an eco-friendly yoga mat bag : Performance, durability, and cost.

Durability: Sometimes environmentally-aware yoga mats are not as durable as the plastic/rubber ones because they are made from natural components.. Conventional mats are made up of industrial strength plastics, which helps them last a long time.

Performance: Eco mats must not be soft or hard, slick or sticky, rough or smooth, but along with moderate depth, medium hardness, and a little sticky and a little bit rough.. These qualities are good for practices such as vinyasa flow and ashtanga yoga exercises..

Cost: Eco-friendly yoga mat bag can be more expensive than conventional mats. But they are worth their price, as they are quite good for the environment and for our health too.. It's not a good idea to breathe fumes off plastic mats while exercising on a cheap yoga mats conventional mat.

Jade Yoga Mat

The Jade Yoga Mat Harmony Professional Mat is Jade's most popular mat. One of the most requested Nature's Ideal Yoga Mat..

Jade mats as well provide remarkable resilience, unmatched compression-set resistance, and incomparable cushioning, therefore you'll keep comfy with every single position.. And because natural rubber is a renewable resource tapped from rubber trees, the company's mats contain no PVC or ozone-depleting substances.. Jade mats--which are made in the U.S. in compliance with all U.S. environmental and labor laws--are perfect for the yogi concerned about the Earth. Jade Yoga also plants a tree for every mat sold in partnership with Trees for the Future and cheap yoga mats.

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