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Bose®, the world-leader in top performance of home entertainment system, presents the brand new Lifestyle 235 system, not just the design is very interesting but also the features is incredible. As you can see, Lifestyle 235 system has a unique style and great performance that seems to have become a tradition on the latest Bose home entertainment system . Lifestyle 235 will be arguably one of the best in comparison with its precursor..

Throw by yourself in the most advanced 2.1-channel home entertainment knowledge.. The Lifestyle® 235 system fills your room with dramatic performance that makes your entertainment come alive. New Gemstone ES arrays use three drivers in each speaker to reproduce breathtaking sound that redefines expectations from 2-speaker systems.

Enjoy up to 6 HD video and audio sources, such as your Blu-ray Disc™ player, cable box and gaming system. The Bose Lifestyle 235 also includes a built-in AM/FM tuner, and convenient dock for your iPod or iPhone. And with exclusive Bose Unify™ technology, your entertainment sources work easily and seamlessly as a single system.

Bose Unify technological know-how creates utilizing and also fixing your current options easier, too. Clear onscreen menus provide all the information you need for the sources you’ve connected. The Lifestyle® 235 system also uses the ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system to customize the sound to fit the unique acoustics of your room.

The proprietary technologies in the Lifestyle® 235 system deliver an experience with greater simplicity and versatility than ever before – so you spend less time trying to figure it all out and more time enjoying.

Bose 235 system come with the simplicity, versality, functionality, quality, and durability backed by a good warranty. Now, watching movie, television or listening favourite music become more wonderful with the clarity that you never expect before. Bose has developed Lifestyle 235 to offer your active functionality for the best activity not having disappointment..

Additional Features

· Deep, wide and immersive home theater performance from just two elegant Gemstone® ES speaker
arrays and a hideaway Acoustimass® module.

· Simple to connect up to 6 HD and music sources - such as your Blu-ray Disc™ player, cable box, gaming
system - plus your iPod® or iPhone®

· Guides you through setup and verifies your connections with Bose® Unify™ technology

· Easily control all your sources with clear on-screen navigation made possible by Bose® Unify™

· Automatic video upscaling delivers the highest resolution your TV can accept, including 1080p over

· iPod/iPhone-compatible dock and built-in FM/AM radio expand your music-listening experience

· Bose® universal remote control and on-screen navigation menus make the system easy to use

· Blends elegantly into your decor, with Gemstone® ES speaker arrays

· Delivers deep low notes from a hideaway Acoustimass® module

· Analyzes and adjusts the system's sound to the size, shape and acoustic properties of your room with
the ADAPTiQR audio calibration system

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