Stanton C.324 Tabletop CD Player

Stanton C.324 is packed with the entire features from the best selling Stanton C.314 plus with a huge amount of improved functions, the fresh Stanton C.324 is a must-have for any true CD DJ.

The following tabletop, slot-loading DISC player is created for MP3 DJs who desires to scratch CDs just like vinyl, and has everything needed for best performance. With specialties such as MUSIC playback with onboard file and folder searching, onboard sequencer for drum machine style performances, 7 onboard digital effects, and a sleek slot drive, we've taken almost everything concerning the Stanton C.324 to the next level, every little thing besides the price label.

Stanton C.324 can record Loops and Samples, with the length based on the Time setting. This particular new feature makes it easy to setup perfect smooth loops. The Stanton C.324 also enables the creation of beat synchronized loops based off of the actual song's BPM. Which means that a perfectly timed smooth loop can be set on-the-fly with one button press.

Once a beat synchronized loop have been set, it can be trimmed or extended instantly by beat increment. By trimming the beat, a one bar loop can be turned into a 1/2 bar loop, 1/4 note or 1/8th note. Smaller loops can be expanded in the same way.

Stanton C.324 has added in a feature for real time trigger pads that offer real-time sample / loop sequencing. The Real Time Trigger Pads means that trigger patterns can now be recorded in real time and looped instantaneously. Drum patterns and loops can be manually resequenced and then looped to bring a totally new twist to live DJ remixing.

The Real Time Trigger Pads functionality is usually only obtained on drum machines. Using the Stanton C.324 sequences can be created in seconds compared to minutes using drum machines. Its a quite good features from a small devices like this. Maybe you can consider this to be features if you want to buy Stanton C.324.

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