ViewSonic PJD5122 SVGA DLP Projector

Lot of people think that the projector is used only for office presentation and business related things only. Is that true ? Actually, the projector can do more than that.

With the improvement tools and valuable features we can use a projector for business presentation, staff meeting, brainstorming, lectures, video classrooms, project presentations in classrooms, and we can use it for playing games in our own home.

It sound to good to be true right ? A projector used for play game ? Well, ViewSonic PJD5122 is a new product from ViewSonic. Just like other Viewsonic's products, this projector has high quality deliverables, impressive features but also fairly priced. Beside that the ViewSonic PJD 5122 DLP Projector have all the features that support all you need that we talk about.

ViewSonic PJD5122 is a perfect machine for business purpose. You can use it for conference rooms, staff meetings, brainstorming, and sales presentation. Maybe lot of people think that projector is created for these task only.

For Education needs, ViewSonic PJD5122 can be use for lectures in the classrooms, video and project presentation, and even an auditorium presentation.

For Home Entertainment needs, watching a box office movie at your own house, watching big game of football match, basketball game, and other big game sports; family gathering, and hardcore gaming. You can play Xbox games with a big screen, now that's what i call hardcore gaming.
For Mobile Presentation needs, because of the compact size this projector can be used for a mobile presentation. For a travelling salesman this type of projector is a real deal. It is a bad things if you do some presentation to a lot of customer with a big, heavy and old model projector. You need a small, compact and an elegant design projector.

ViewSonic PJD5122 delivers 2500 lumens with an 800 x 600 SVGA native resolution. With these technology the projector offers a variety of features including manual zoom/focus and auto vertical keystone correction as well as multiple workstation and video inputs, nothing will bother you when installing the projector
Using less watts per lumen than other comparable projectors. And with a 2800:1 dynamic contrast ratio, it's the bright choice for business, education, mobile and home presenters.

The ECO mode function reduces the fan noise output for less distraction during important presentations and even extends the lamp life up to 6,000 hours.
There are 8 default picture modes with Daylight, Cinema, ViewMatch, Blackboard, Whiteboard and Greenboard. The PJD5122 offers both security bar and Kensington lock port for increased theft deterrence.

After read this article i am sure that you realize if the projector is not for a business needs only. You can have a lot of fun also with the projector.

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