Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides Power Tread Vehicle

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Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides Power Tread Vehicle its cool, comes with all batteries have been inserted and ready to go straight from the box, PLUS an extra set of batteries (that do that ?)... major flaw is the veil ... I can deal with controls that need to be close and facing each other .. but rarely occurred more than one or two inches before the veil work itself out and jam their lines. Therefore, it is 3 the best. Hopefuly more reliable car!

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A Lightning-Fast RC Racer for Indoor Play

The foldable RC Stealth Rides Racing Car features incredible, agile movement. It performs best indoors on hard surfaces, where it's protected from direct sun. This RC racer has a shorter driving range than other RC vehicles, so tell kids to stay close to their cars while they play.

Kids will love getting together and racing their RC Stealth Rides vehicles. Much like a TV remote, this RC vehicle relies on infrared signals to operate, so playing with two vehicles simultaneously requires that they be set to different channels. Setting up a race between two cars is easy--check the backside of the transmitters and cars, and switch one set to channel three, and the other to channel four.

If the car and transmitter remain idle, the power will automatically shut off. Teach kids to set the channels to zero after they're finished with the big race.

Miniature RC Racing Car Folds into the Transmitter/Carrying Case

The innovative foldable design of this RC racing car is the first of its kind. Kids will love carrying this pocket-sized car around, and you'll appreciate how simple it is to store and maintain.

This silver, futuristic racer features a transformation button on the rear window. When the button is pushed, the vehicle's sides fold down, allowing you to slip the car into the slim carrying compartment which doubles as the transmitter.

While you're removing the car from the case press the transformation button and this speedy racer will spring back into shape. The transmitter's two buttons allow for intuitive, multi-directional movement.

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