Step2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center

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Enjoy your summer vacation with your kids, play sand as much an attractive option. with Step2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center you can give a memorable holiday for your child.

This sand and water tables are loaded with action, including two bridges, ramps, cups, and boats.

Umbrella including maintaining a table playing with a safe shade from the sun, and cover securely tied on at night for protection against the elements. The lid also doubles as a song interesting for the car! Assembly required. 21 "H x 26" W x 46 "D.

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Product Features
  • Features two sides of play - one for water and one for sand
  • Wood crafted styling blends well with natural landscapes
  • Includes 8-piece accessory kit: umbrella, 2 bridges, 2 boats, 2 pots and 1 shovel
  • Umbrella designed to provide your children protection from the sun
  • Elastic tie-downs keep lid secure and legs are detachable for easy storage
Pros -
1) it is off the ground, which keeps it (and the child) a bit cleaner. Also safer with little ones, as they can't fall into it and drown. The pattern of roads through the water side also ensure they can't get their heads underwater.
2) The lid fits on well, and is secure even in storms.
3) the water side has a plug and is easy to drain. We've had no leaks, and we didn't even screw the legs on, just popped them in.
4) the umbrella is great, the height can be adjusted and it keeps her mostly in the shade all day.
5) the little enclosed toys are a perfect size for the sand and the water.
6) a perfect size for smaller children such as mine, though I suspect older children would find it a bit too small. Several children can be around it, we have had 4 year old visitors who loved it, and we have managed up to 4 children easily.

1) the sand and water WILL mix, and you will spend a lot of time emptying the water side and refilling it with clean water.
2) need to store the umbrella - not a big deal but my daughter likes to wave the detachable pole around like a sword if I leave it under the table.
3) there is a tendency to tip the sand onto the floor, I guess if you are 2 and you have a shovelful of sand, you want to experiment with gravity, but it is messy!
4) pretty low table for an adult

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