Blue Syma S107 Gyro Metal Frame 3 Channel Infrared Radio Remote Control Helicopter with Gyroscope RC RTF

I have the yellow SYMA s107 and it is simply a dream to fly.

The easiest heli I've ever flown and I own lots of them in all sizes and channel types.

I HIGHLY recommend this little gem for first time fliers due to it's rock steady hovering & stability. It is also super durable as far as micro helis go.

I have crashed mine from ceiling height several times and it still flies perfectly. I do have carpeted floors but that is still quite a drop.

I've also crashed in the kitchen where there is no carpet. It was not a problem, at least for mine anyway. I haven't even used any of the spare blades or parts I bought for it yet after several weeks! People giving this bird bad reviews are either getting knock offs, lemons, or simply just don't know anything about helis.
It wasn't but a few years ago a micro heli like this with a metal frame & build quality like this would have cost thousands. How can anybody get angry over $20 bucks? Just make sure you are buying from a legitimate and highly rated supplier and you shouldn't have any problems.

This heli far surpasses most others for build quality and cost and most of the other micro helis in the market are fragile crap & cost up to 5 times more! And they eat up spare parts like crazy. With this heli you will spend your time actually FLYING it instead of fixing it. You will develop flying skills quickly that will help you to move up to 3 channel fixed pitch and 4 channel coaxial models and eventually to 4 channel and 6 six channel models if you decide to go into the hobby that far.

Whether or not you want to be a serious RC model flyer or just want to fly for fun around the office or living room, it all starts right here. NOTHING is better for price or the unbelievable quality. SYMA has changed everything in the world of RC by introducing this model.

There are lots of folks in the RC world who argue what constitutes a toy or a "real" RC model. This bridges the gap. Just because it uses an IR controller instead of a radio doesn't make it any less fun, or educational or skill building.

This is a real 3 channel coaxial micro heli that happens to have an IR controller. I'm buying several more so I can keep one in the air while the others are charging! FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN. You just can't beat it! No more yearning to fly on a rainy day, this little fellow has got you covered! ; ) Buy one or buy several and get a few spare blades just in case, but I'm guessing you probably won't need them for a while... enjoy!

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