New Game Console From Sony: PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita. Sony unveiled the PlayStation Vita, the code name for the NGP.

The new handheld, which returns a 5-inch multi-touch screen, a touchpad, and sports two analog sticks, in addition to the normal PlayStation.

Sony further details about the devices in a FAQ on its website. All the answers about PS Vita Sony raises more questions, but here is some information.

We know this PlayStation Vita is a gradual introduction in late 2011. But Sony is no information about the gadget or PLS has never since its inception. About how the players play on the device, Sony has said that using a flash game based on cards, the UMD now abandoned by the PlayStation Portable, or PSP. Each game will also be integrated in its region to communicate live in boxes for the user and other players with the same game

It also offers the possibility to download games from the internal memory. The deposit PS Vita has a memory slot, memory boxes players decide how they want on their devices.

PlayStation Vita Price

PS Vita lodging costs $ 249 for the WiFi version and $ 299 for the 3G version. AT & T by some life PS exclusively in the United States. It is not clear whether it will be sold by AT & T stores, though. but you have best deal if you buy PS Vita on

PlayStation Vita Exlusive Photos

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