Electric Powered Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

PowerUp - Electric Power Module will convert your origami home made paper airplane from a glider into a soaring free flight airplane.

Make a paper airplane from any 8.5x11 or A4 copier paper and clip on to it the PowerUp electric module. Quick charge and toss the airplane into the air .

3x1.5V AA alkaline Batteries and paper for the airplane are not included. This product is great for science classes and after school activities.

It is lots of fun and challenging for both kids geeks adults and seniors. It could be used in science fairs and aerospace competitions. Just use your creativity and you will be amazed how this powerful module can make your creations fly.

PowerUp - Electric Power Product Features

  • Convert your home made paper airplane into a free flight electric airplane.
  • 20 seconds quick charge, over 90 seconds of flight duration.
  • Super durable & light weight carbon fiber body.
  • Snaps on to a variety of paper airplane designs.
  • Product encourages experimentation and learning, Great out door activity.

Electric Powered Paper Airplane Costumer Review

When I first saw this product I couldn't believe that all I have to do is to fold my own paper plane and attach an engine to it and it will fly!!
How amazing and exciting product. My children loved it and we spent a few quality hours together enjoying the "Air-force 1" test flights.
Yaron Naor

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